The Amazing Adventures of Abigail Andrews


This new book series by Nicole Brook invites readers into the world of Abigail Andrews, a third grader who’s imagination sends her on amazing adventures!  Follow along with Abby in the first book as she goes from playing on her playground to battling pirates in just a blink of an eye!  Continue your journey in the second book and learn how a visit to the doctor’s office turns into a magical adventure.  Princess Abby tests her magic against a powerful witch.  The newest book takes Abby on an ocean adventure where she needs to unravel a lot of secrets in order to save the merfolk from her latest villain, the Scavenger! Each adventure is full of fun and suspense.

Even though this series is geared for children between the ages of 8 and 10, adults can’t help but get caught up in Abby’s world and fall in love with this pigtailed, little girl!

The Amazing Adventures of Abigail Andrews has novel study programs to go with each book for teachers to use in a classroom or for parents to bring home and help their children improve on their reading skills and comprehension.

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6 thoughts on “The Amazing Adventures of Abigail Andrews

  1. We enjoyed when you visited our school, Glynn A. Green earlier this year. We just finished reading both of your books. Your books are awesome! 🙂 We LOVED them!!!! We wish there was another Abigail book for us to read. When is your next book going to be available? Please let us know so that we can read it as soon as possible. Please keep writing many more Abigail books.

  2. Hello, Mrs. Cook’s Class! I’m pleased that you enjoyed the books! You won’t have to wait long, the 3rd instalment will be out this fall! I’ll let you know when I have a launch date. My Ontario visits inspired me to get the third book finished as soon as I got home! Keep up the great reading and always remember to harness your superpower; your imagination.

  3. Our 20 students love to read! They have read everything in our school library at least twice! They would love more books, and with our limited library budget, new books only happen a few times a year. Your books would be an excellent addition to our library, and just as we gear up for I Love to Read Month in February.

  4. Parkland School in Red Deer.
    Mrs. Monica Lawes Sr. Classroom
    This is a private school for the Special Needs. An amazing school, very small only 6 teachers 30 aides & maybe 40 students. Most all the students are in group homes or live in residential care. Only a handful still live with the bio parents. They receive so much 1 on 1 support and dedication from the teachers & Aides at PCLASS School. This school is committed to improving the quality of life and learning to these students with the resources it has. These books would bring them so much joy. Thank you. Kelly Hornung

  5. Thanks Nicole, The grade 4 class loved your writing workshop. You are not only a great Author, but also a great teacher.

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