"Nicole Brook is a young, fresh writer that actively is filling the need for adventure fiction out there for our young junior readers. She recently visited our school and immediately engaged my kids from grade 2 to 5. She read to them, chatted about her writing process and enlightened them about how her characters, namely Abigail Andrews, came to life. She turned the reading lightbulb on for my younger students!"

- Lisa Read, Librarian - St. Catharines, ON

"I think that the book is really good because it makes people’s imagination flow free." 

- Peyton, Age 9

"The students loved everything from the relatable main character, to the drawings done in pencil crayon, to Nicole’s early dreams of becoming an author. The first chapter had just the right amount of normalcy and then cliff-hanging suspense. They want more!"

- Heather Ferguson, Grade 2 Teacher- Sherwood Park, AB

"I liked that I could easily imagine what was happening. It felt like I was part of the story."

- Tayva, Age 9

"She inspires other kids to just be who they are."

- Reece, Age 9

"..the story is fun and creative."

- Kodi, Age 9

"Nicole Brook came to our school during Literacy Week to do a book reading for our students. She was extremely enthusiastic and genuinely interested in the children and the many questions the students had for her regarding her books, her life as an author, and various other topics."

"Mrs. Brook’s novels have been a big hit with our students and we are anxiously awaiting the release of her third novel."

- Sheila Ankerstein, Library Clerk - Leduc, AB

"I liked that she said the 3 things Dream, Believe and Work for it because it can inspire people about their dreams."

- Joe, Age 9

 "Many of my students have expressed that they can’t wait for another Abigail Andrews book to come out, because they have read the other books so many times and are excited about a new adventure!"

- Kayla Titus, Grade 2 Teacher - Leduc, AB

"I bet her next book is going to be the best one ever!"


- Tristan, Age 8

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