About Nicole Brook

Nicole Brook, known as Nickie by her friends and family, was raised on a farm near Warburg, Alberta. Hailing from a small town community, Nicole had big writing aspirations at a young age. She dreamt of being an author, and wrote her first novel in the third grade. Just like her main character, Nicole was a blonde haired, blue eyed little girl with a wild imagination.

Nicole’s fondest childhood memories took place at her great grandmother’s house.  Nicole, her brother Curtis, and cousins Jamie and Ashley, explored their grandmother’s farm and played outside for hours. A new adventure awaited them every time they got together, and they couldn’t wait to tell their grandmother about their wild excursions. These adventures not only touched her heart, but inspired Nicole to write the Abigail series.

Currently residing in Leduc, Alberta, Nicole and her husband, Brandon, welcomed their first child, a beautiful girl named Piper, in August of 2013. Nicole and Brandon were blessed again in 2016 with their first son Axel. Nicole can’t wait for her own adventures to come as a wife, a new mother, and a published author.

Nicole has also been blogging as the Blogging Mamma.  Her cute blog relates to a lot of mothers out there and will definitely make you feel inspired, while laughing a lot. 

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