The Amazing Adventures of Abigail Andrews – Planetarium Panic (Vol. 4)

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An ordinary trip to a planetarium’s famous Star show is anything but, and Abigail Andrews finds herself on another adventure! Joining a unique space crew, Abby takes part in a simple exploration of Mars that turns into a suspenseful experience. With severe windstorms, system failures, and encounters from the unknown, Abby faces one challenge after another. As panic grows, Abby needs to help her team find out what is keeping her crew there and why.
Follow along as Abby desperately searches for clues on this mysterious red planet. Will Abby discover the planet’s secrets by learning about its eerie residents? Will she find what she seeks in order to escape Mars on time? Blast into the fourth book of The Amazing Adventures of Abigail Andrews at warp speed to find out if Abby can work with her new friends to defy the odds again!


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