The Amazing Adventures of Abigail Andrews – Mystery of the Blue Bandit

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Ever imagined what it would be like to experience the thrills of the Wild West? Come along on the next adventure in the Abigail Andrews Series. This journey begins
with Abigail discovering a treasure in an attic that sends her back to 1885 where she has a rocky and fast start. With the help of a friendly stranger, Jed Winters, Abby is off
to enjoy the old west and starts learning the ways of a cowgirl. But just as she gets comfortable in her new adventure, chaos erupts when she finds herself at a bank heist
with the infamous and mysterious Blue Bandit With Jed by her side, Abby is determined to help solve the case of the Blue Bandit. Will she gather enough clues in time to stop him? Or will the Blue Bandit hold up another bank? Join this wild ride as Abby and Jed uncover the mystery of the Blue Bandit