The Amazing Adventures of Abigail Andrews – Pool of Secrets (Vol. 3)

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Abigail Andrews boards a toy ship that’s named and made just for her! She is guided by her new friend Megan, the captain’s daughter, Abby is taken on a special tour of the ship where she quickly finds out that Megan is holding onto her own secret. She is shocked when

it puts her face-to-face with Pearl, an enchanting mermaid! Wonderment fills the ocean air as Abby and Megan find themselves on the merfolk’s hidden island, but their excitement is short lived when they learn about the dangers that surround these mystical creatures. When a mysterious man called the Scavenger takes Pearl, Abby is sent on a dangerous rescue mission where she stumbles across more secrets. Will Abby be able to unravel these secrets in time to save her new friends?

Follow along with Abby in her ocean adventure as she sets out to save the merfolk by searching for the truth behind her newest villain, the Scavenger!

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